We provide expert singing tuition and songwriting lessons from our studios in Camden, Brick Lane, Stoke Newington, Brixton and globally via our Online Lessons. We teach reguarly at the BRIT SCHOOL FOR PERFORMING ARTS AND THE EAST LONDON ARTS AND MUSIC ACADEMY.




We believe that it is important to give our students the best tuition possible. Which is why we have hand picked a team of industry professionals and top academic teachers from some of the best music schools in the country including the famous BRIT School For Performing Arts.

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  • "I've been taking singing lessons all my life but only when I started taking lessons with Sam I realised that I started actually learning valuable skills. My voice was improving after every single lesson and after just two months  it became noticeably powerful, open, bright, and effortless; I can sing for hours without getting tired.

    More importantly, however, Sam does not teach singing technique only, he teaches creativity and musical independence which find invaluable and extremely rare!"

    LELU, Recording Artist

  • "Having taken singing lessons with Daniele for six months I couldn't be more pleased with both the lessons and the results. Compared to other teachers I have encountered in the past I have found Daniele a breath of fresh air. Daniele has incredible insight into the voice as an individual, personal instrument and helps me to learn and understand how through the application of singing technique it can be tonally improved and stretched, in ways that I never believed possible. I am continually pushed in the right direction and feel that while Daniele's lessons are disciplined and structured, they are also sensitive to my unique needs and abilities as a singer. He instantly puts me at ease and is fun, flexible and accommodating, but is strict in a crucial and important way when it comes to practice and focus. I am very glad to have found a teacher as personable, able and individually geared as Daniele Guerra. "

    Sean Watson, Classical Singer

  • "As an anxious trainee teacher in a secondary school I suffered with incredibly poor vocal health. I had been a bedroom singer all my life and thought singing lessons might improve my voice. I was incredibly nervous but was quickly made to feel at ease and free to give my gravelly voice a whirl. Although I was adamant it was just wear and tear from teaching, Valentina's knowledge and expertise convinced me to go to the doctors and insist on further investigation. I did indeed have a huge cyst on my left vocal fold which was causing the distinct 'breathiness' Valentina had identified on our first lesson. I would never have got it sorted if it hadn't been for her initial advice. Her continued personal interest during my recovery was very well appreciated as not many people understood how uncomfortable and upsetting it could be. I recently returned to our lessons and am thoroughly enjoying the extra thirteen notes I have gained! Cannot thank her enough :)"

    Georgie Hooper, Teacher

  • "I've been having lessons with Sam for a little over a year now, and he's helped me tackle vocal challenges that I thought I'd never be able to overcome, and continues to help me achieve my singing goals. His abilities - both vocal and coaching - are second to none, and I'm so happy to have found a coach that gives me structured, achievable and honest direction. Including recommending a brilliant guitar teacher to go alongside the voice lessons.

    Today was my first lesson with Sam after having to take a break of 4 months. When I went in to the studio, I was nervous and worried about how I was sounding. 50 minutes later, Sam had my voice right back to the standard that I knew, with reassuring encouragement and ease, and my confidence was regained. I left the studio beaming.

    I'm proud to learn with City Vocal Coach, and I'd recommend them/Sam to anybody looking for fun, contemporary guidance in singing and developing yourself as an artist."

    Adam Penny

  • "Most amazing experience for more that a year now! And definitely planning to continue it. Super friendly and relaxed environment, fun laughs. Not to mention you're getting an amazing, super patient, talented and very encouraging but at the same very honest vocal coach Sam. If you are seriously looking to progress this is the place to go to. Your limits will be tested and honest feedback will be given and this is exactly what you need to go forward, progress and be happy with what you've achieved. Thank you City Vocal Coach! "

    Ina Prusakova

  • "After searching for weeks for the best singing classes in London, I found what I needed at City Vocal Coach. The tutors (I work with Sam) are engaging and genuinely interested in me and my voice. Sam took time to figure out my voice and works with me to get where I want to be. From introducing new music to helping me with my own songs, I know there is always someone there who cares and who will give my stuff a listen – followed by really good advice. They know the industry very well too, which always helps. Definitely the right place for you if you want someone who will support you and guide you."

    Angeliki Vourdaki

  • "I've had a number of lessons with City Vocal Coach (Sam) which have given me the confidence and technique to perform live. Lessons are fun and relaxed with a personable tutor who has deep knowledge about vocal techniques and performance. "

    Mike Alvarez, Professional Musician

  • "Awesome lessons that have been personalised to what I want to achieve with my voice. The progress I've made from the lessons is unbelievable, can't recommend enough!"

    Ollie Loring, Artist Signed To Road Runner Records

  • "I’ve been taking vocal lessons with Daniela for more than a year and I can really tell. The lessons are just amazing, it’s hard to describe how much she has supported positive development and progress in both my vocal skill set and my confidence. I have never felt so much confidence before. I never believed that I would be able to sing in front of people but Daniela has been so encouraging that I have since done it twice in public and have been able to enjoy it hugely, without fear that people would be laughing at me. I now feel confident to transform my nervous energy into powerful energy and go out there and perform. I feel a joy and a blessing to work with Daniela. She really cares for me and my voice and how I feel about myself as a creative and expressive person. I no longer feel shy to share my voice with others. Instead, I am now excited to discover how much I can achieve.


    Ludmila Nancassa

  • "It took me some time to find a vocal coach that I really liked, and thank goodness I found Sam at City Vocal Coach. Immediately, he was interested in helping me recover my voice and getting it back on track. He has helped me sing in a much better way than I ever could before, and has introduced me to new styles of singing and other genres of music that I wasn't used to hearing which helped me grow a lot as an artist. The reassurance and constant encouragement helped increase my confidence as a singer tremendously."

    Sofia Pedras

  • "I have been having lessons with Sam for over a year,I have come such a long way in that time in finding my voice and confidence and have learnt so much about my voice and myself.
    I am able to sing with much more freedom than I ever thought I could from when I started,which has allowed me to be able to experiment with my voice and the songs I learn which is really exciting.
    I always leave my lessons with so much confidence and always look forward to my next lesson.
    City vocal coaches are professional and friendly,whether your a nervous beginner or more advanced singer they help you achieve your goals and help you get the best out of your voice.

    Peter Lee Knight

  • "Sam has been an excellent teacher. The classes are highly personalised and wonderfully supportive. After years away from regular lessons, this was the perfect place to come back and learn, develop and grow."

    Justin Hunt

  • "Working with Sam at City Vocal Coach helped my vocal performances in a way that money can't buy! I went from losing my voice after every show to having the right techniques to take me on tours all over the country. Professional and friendly, they took away all the fear I ever had with working with vocal coaches."

    Ross Drummond

  • "Working with Daniela has been really amazing. I really feel we have covered so much ground and together we have unlocked a level of performance I wasn't even aware I could achieve. Her drama school training, experience and passion have really influenced my approach to breathing, posture, articulation and performance when singing and and I strongly recommend her to anybody who is serious about improving."

    Hugo Valentine, Singer-songwriter