The CVC 360 Introduction
to the Music Industry

The CVC 360 Saturday School is guided by a different industry professional every week. The Artist will be given inside KNOWLEDGE on everything from what A&R's look for in an artist, to what to look for in a record deal


COURSE structure


Singing & Performance

In the first week we will be introducing you to City Vocal Coach's unique approach to vocal development, we will help you discover how best to use your voice. You will also learn basic mic techniques as well as how to use your voice in performance. We look at each individual student's posture and breathing techniques and also focus on forgetting those easy to fall into habits. In addition, we work out each singer's vocal range which helps you to understand your own voice, enabling you to achieve a professional overall performance.
As well as working intensively on the voice we will also be looking at stagecraft and performance unlocking your performance desires, overcoming any fears and realising your creative and technical stagecraft potential.


We look at how the music industry has changed since the invention of "Popular" music and how this industry is still in constant flux. You will learn the basic roles within the industry from A&R to Live Agent.

We further discuss the issue of downloading, and look at ways to make the "New" industry work for new artists. We look at a "Standard" record deal and learn the things to look out for when signing one.


In this private session you will gain access to our professional working studio.

You will be allocated a two hour private slot to learn basic studio terminology as well as being able to record a vocal demo (to a backing track) with a professional producer.


In this last section of the course an industry professional will discuss basic artist branding and marketing with you. They will encourage you to look at yourself as a brand, and try to help you find your unique selling point. You will also look into case studies of professional artists to see how they have branded themselves. We also provide you with the opportunity to create your own personalised website, where you will be able to upload the track that you recorded in the previous week.
(website/vocal demo produced by City Vocal Coach)

course Teachers

Sam Marlow - Vocal Technique

Sam Marlow is the founder of the prestigious city vocal coach and he is also a teachers at the world famous BRIT School of performing arts. Since he began studying singing fifteen years ago he has worked with and been taught by some of the most renowned teachers in the singing and voice work profession throughout the world.

He now teach the methods and techniques that he has found to be essential to any singer no matter what genre, be it classical, pop, rock, jazz or blues. Through teaching and private study Sam has developed unique and extremely useful vocal techniques that have been essential to the development of over two hundred singers.

Daniela Finley - PERFORMANCE

Daniela Finley is a musician and actor from London. She has appeared in a collection of comedy sketches, shorts and music videos. Her most recent feature film is featured in the Best Newcomer 2014 BAFTA long list. She also wrote and performed in the critically acclaimed show ‘Fall Girl’' which was featured on 6 music and enjoyed a run of sold out shows at this years Edinburgh festival.
Daniela is a stagecraft and performance expert she has spent ten years working professionally as a musician performer and writer and as a artist herself experienced the industry and the many roles within it. She teaches on the art of Performance and Stagecraft; working to help individuals unlock their performance desires, overcome their fears and realise their creative and technical stagecraft potential.

Chris Brown - Music Business

Chris Brown is an entertainment lawyer at leading media law firm, Sheridans. Specialising in music law, Chris guides artists through all aspects of the industry from recording and publishing to sponsorship, endorsements and touring.
In addition to his artist-focused practice, Chris also advises a number of independent record labels and publishers in relation to their rights and the exploitation thereof. Before entering the legal profession, Chris spent four years in music marketing working across Universal Island and Decca, devising and executing marketing strategies for some of the biggest selling albums of the time, including Amy Winehouse's 'Back to Black', Mika's 'Life in Cartoon Motion' and Florence and the Machine's 'Lungs'.

Tom Payne - Marketing & Branding

Tom has been working in TV and digital media for over 7 years, currently as a Producer and Director for multi-platform production company Spirit Digital. He currently produces content for some of the biggest brands and talent in the world, leading the uptake in next generation platforms.

With a background in music, Tom has creativity at heart, this has lead him to using both of these passions, and utilising social platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, to create the content that drives engagement and conversation. Since embarking on this career, Tom has worked for a diverse range of companies - from fashion companies such as Burberry and Asos to Jamie Oliver's FoodTube, Yahoo and Channel 4.


CVC 360 is not a stage school or a manufacturing plant, we embrace individuality and art. Our aim is to provide you with a well-rounded basic understanding of all the roles and different facets of the industry; from singing and performance to marketing and music law. Each course is guided by an industry professional, who will not only provide you with their expert knowledge but hopefully inspire you and give you the practical tools and guidance to help you progress with your career in the music industry. Every City Vocal Coach student will leave with a vocal demo and a website that they can personalise. The CVC 360 course is committed to inspiring, guiding and helping many new artists discover their true potential.


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