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3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Vocal Coach

Posted on 16.11.18

Admit it, we all love to sing. But when it comes to singing lessons, not all singers opt for them. Yet, taking lessons can be one of the most important moves you make as a singer. So, stay tuned, while we explore the reasons why you should have a vocal coach. 

1.    Vocal Health

As a singer, you ought to understand the importance of vocal health. The voice is a complex instrument but also a very delicate one, and if you sing without lessons you can all too easily damage your voice. So, vocal health is paramount, and especially so if you’re serious about pursuing a career as an artist. 

A good vocal coach will be able to show you how to sing healthily. For instance, they will be able to identify any ‘bad habits’ you’ve fallen into that could potentially damage your voice, or any areas of strain you’re putting your voice through.  

2.    Breath Control

Knowing how to breathe is really important for a singer. If you’re having any issues on this front then again a vocal coach can help. Developing your breath control will improve your tone and volume, but it can have other benefits too. We all know that breathing deep can help to alleviate stress, the fact that it is used in practices like yoga and meditation is testament to that, but it can also help improve your mood not to mention help you work towards a more mindful you. Which, in turn, will assist with your performance, your singing, and life as a whole!

3.    Confidence Booster

For some of us the shower is our stage, the place where we can blast out the vocal performance of our lives. However, anywhere but can prove a little challenging. Confidence is crucial to performance success, and again a vocal coach can support you with just that. 

In terms of singing, confidence stems from having a good singing technique, something you learn from a vocal coach. Likewise, face-to-face singing lessons can teach you strategies for better public speaking. For instance, knowing how to hold yourself and how to have a confident poise are things you will also learn from a vocal coach.

There are many other reasons to have singing lessons but, put simply, a vocal coach will help you to reach your full potential. While taking that leap to your first lesson can often be a little intimidating, it really shouldn’t be, as a vocal coach is there to support you and put you at ease. So, if you’re interested in singing lessons, why not check out our vocal coaches here at City Vocal Coach

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash