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4 Bucket List Ideas For Musicians

Posted on 20.02.19

A bucket list encourages us to live our best life, to participate in inspirational and challenging life goals. Which is why having one can be a pretty handy thing. If you’re drafting yours, we’re going to suggest some ideas for the more musical souls out there. Ideas which, if they aren’t already, will be on your bucket list very soon. 

1.    Travel

Let’s be honest, travel is on almost everyone’s bucket list, no doubt it’s already on yours in some form. When we mention travel here though, we mean travelling to musically inspire and broaden ourselves. 

We did a post not too long ago on how travel can develop your musical horizons, and it’s true. As we mentioned in that post, travel can break up your routine – the perfect environment for creativity to blossom – it can also help you to discover new music styles. What’s more, it also offers a great opportunity for you to meet new people and it teaches you that you are capable of so much! 

2.    Welcome a more mindful you

As creatives we tend to be overly critical on what we produce and this in turn can produce negative thoughts and can easily lead to a negative cycle. So, it is important, as a musician, to be kind to yourself both on and off the stage.

You’ll find that by simply meditating or being present in the moment - there’s lots of apps to help ease us into a calmer state of mind - can work wonders in working towards a more mindful you. What’s more, exercise is an excellent way to clear your head, or you could turn to music. Music is a wonderful outlet for your emotions – so throw yourself into singing, creating or just simply playing an instrument. And while doing so, say hello to a more mindful you. 

3.    Join a choir

There are numerous benefits to joining a choir. Singing in one may not be something you’ve yet considered; however, it can improve your mood and lead to reduced stress and anxiety levels. Not to mention it’s a great way to socialise and improve your confidence too. Singing can be a very personal thing, so when asked to sing in front of people, it can feel quite scary. This is perfectly normal. However, singing in a choir can help to bridge this fear of performing, as you’re singing with others, in a trusted group setting.

4.    Go to more gigs, shows and festivals

We fell in love with music and, naturally, love to listen to and explore it further. And what better way to do so than to regularly visit shows, gigs and festivals? Keep your love of music alive by including this idea to your bucket list. Nothing inspires quite like listening to live music, and you should never want to stop being inspired. After all, you are what you listen to, so ensure that’s as varied as possible. 

There’s plenty of other bucket list ideas for musicians out there, so when crafting your list make sure you take the time to choose ideas which both inspire and challenge your creative self. 

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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