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5 New Year's Resolutions For Musicians

Posted on 29.12.18

‘Tis the season for resolutions. Now that Christmas is behind us, no doubt you’re drafting your list for the new year as you read this. If you’re within the music industry and are looking for that musical edge to your more traditional staple resolutions, then look no further, as we’re going to give you some music related ideas.

1.    Write more

At CVC, we’re big supporters of artists who write their own material, as writing your own songs is good for you. Namely your emotional connection to each and every song will shine on through, after all, you were the one who slaved away crafting said emotion into it. Songwriting is a useful, calming and beneficial skill for an artist. So, writing more should, hands down, be one of your New Year’s resolutions – it’s one of ours!

2.    Get a vocal coach

Your voice is your instrument and should be treated with respect. Knowing how to play said instrument without harming yourself is, again, such an important thing for an artist. As such, getting a vocal coach is another music related idea for your New Year’s resolutions. A vocal coach can help guide, mentor and inspire you to your full potential – and all the while teaching you how to use your voice as healthily as possible. 

3.    Play your songs live

Whether you’re struggling to play live, or if you’ve only ever performed in your bedroom, make this the year you play your songs live. Granted, this isn’t the easiest New Year’s resolution, but you’ll reap the benefits as you get used to it. Performing live is such a vital skill for a musician so ensure you work on this one a frequently as you can. The easiest way is to sign up for as many open mic nights as possible. Read our blog on how to improve your performance skills here, and if you suffer from stage fright – we’ve also got you covered – head to our blog on stage fright here.

4.    Expand those musical horizons

This resolution ties, in part, with our first one. Broaden your musical horizons, and in doing so you get out of your musical comfort zone and end up in a more creative space. You’ll discover genres you may have never even considered, or even thought about, but – quite unexpectedly - love. And these could be the seeds for more songwriting and future avenues within your musical career. 

5.    Mindfulness

While not directly related to music, mindfulness is oh so important and as such should be part of your New Year’s resolutions. As creatives we often suffer with being far too critical and too negative towards ourselves and what we produce. Just remember that you are good enough. But also, be mindful of how you are feeling. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, have days off, relaxing days, days socialising. After all, you need to experience before you can write - and indeed sing - about it. 

We hope that our New Year's resolutions for musicians list has given you enough food for thought when creating your own list. And whatever your plans for 2019, just remember to sing that new year in!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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