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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Creative Every Day

Posted on 24.10.18

Everyone should indulge their creative streak. At City Vocal Coach, we’re believers in the wonders of being creative every day. While utilising your creativeness is important to developing your forte, it isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to maintain, which is why when we say ‘being creative’ we don’t only mean on your natural strength, but instead doing anything creative. Creativity comes in many forms, so, we’re going to delve into the benefits you’ll reap when you participate (even for just a short while) every day. 

1.    Helps solve problems

Being creative every day helps you solve problems, as it places you in a much better position to approach one. Creativity helps you push boundaries, forces you to think in unusual, original and innovative ways, which in turn means you adapt this method to other areas of life. So, rather than just tackling something head-on, as a creative you’ll start from other angles as well. And by approaching a problem from different angles you’ll be more likely to solve said problem a whole lot quicker. 

2.    Helps develop confidence

Admit it, we could all use a little confident boost here and there. Even the seemingly more confident individuals quake from time to time. But being creative every day can help. As a creative - whether an artist, musician, writer, whatever your talent - it can be quite personal to show and receive feedback for your creative works. Not only this but when you create something, it can feel like a tiny piece of you is out in the world and this can be a daunting thing to get your head around. 

But being creative every day means the amount you produce will increase, which in turn means you’ll get accustomed to receiving feedback, as it will happen more often, and this will show you how to face this rather vulnerable situation and how to grow with it. And, naturally, develop your confidence. 

3.    Help you work on new areas of creativity

As previously mentioned, when we say being creative every day, we do not mean work solely on your voice or writing that song, or creating a piece of art. It can be any form of creativity, the trick though, is to ensure that you do something every day. For instance, forcing yourself to write through writer’s block may not be the most helpful of approaches, but by simply putting down that guitar of yours and instead putting on your baking apron and attempting to create something entirely different (in this situation, a cake) can help to simulate areas you’re struggling with as well as work on entirely new outlets of creativity. And if in the end you bake a whole lot more, well, that will always go down well. 

4.    Helps you express yourself

Mindfulness is a buzz word you’ve no doubt heard buzzing around of late, and it is extremely important too. Creativity – in all forms – helps you to express yourself, which is really beneficial to your own health and in turn that all-important more mindful you. 

Creativity, as a whole, including music, helps you work through anything you need to, release any inner worries, and helps you to process any thoughts and feelings. And by doing it, even just a little bit, every day you’ll be working towards a more mindful you! 

5.    It’s fun

Far too much of our lives can be taken up with the more serious things in life, creativity, though, is fun. It helps you loosen up, not to mention is extremely satisfying to do. 

Practicing your innovativeness and originality every day means among the often-long lists of boring and serious ‘to-dos’, you’ll have a segment of the day for something you really enjoy – whether that is working on your main creative outlet, or learning an entirely new one. Whatever you choose, it’ll be fun. 

Creativity is a wonderful trait to have, and it should be indulged in and enjoyed daily. Whatever form you choose, it is important to maintain, as it will help you to become a more confident, mindful, expressive, problem-solving version of yourself!

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash