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How Singing Can Help Those January Blues

Posted on 11.01.19

January can be a gloomy time, a post-festive period where the only thing lighter is your bank balance. If you’re experiencing those January blues, there are a number of ways to improve them. The internet is awash with tips, tricks, hacks and pointers on the matter. However, here we’re going to reveal some of the benefits of singing, and how it can boost your mood – setting you up for the year ahead. 

1.    Singing helps with stress

Heading back to work, the workload, the broken resolutions, the fact that you’re still very much in winter… admit it, January isn’t the most stress-free of times. However, singing – well, making any kind of music – is a great way to relax you. 

When you’re stressed a hormone called cortisol in your body increases. Singing, however, is found to help reduce the level of this hormone. What’s more, singing releases endorphins, making you feel happier. So, if you’re feeling those January blues, sing your heart out – you’ll almost certainly finish singing feeling, quite frankly, fantastic.

2.    The social benefits of singing

We all know the wonders of surrounding ourselves with good people, and singing can help with this, and in turn those January blues. For starters, singing boosts your confidence. As a singer, performing is common practice, and the more you perform the more you’ll learn to cope with difficult situations (we’re talking stage fright here) and the more your self-confidence will grow, no doubt from the regular feedback and praise from friends and family. 

Singing also helps to create situations and environments for meeting new people, with a like-minded interest in music. These new relationships can help with your networking by developing into potential collaborations or inspiring you down musical routes you’d never venture yourself. The social and mood-boosting benefits of singing are numerous, not to mention long-lasting. 

3.    It teaches you to breathe deep

Singing can have some great health benefits. When you start to use proper vocal techniques (something a vocal coach can help you with) your lungs will get a good work out and it’ll improve your posture too. What’s more, singing promotes better breathing, so not only will the amount of oxygen you use whilst singing encourage better stamina, you’ll also be working on your breath. It’s well-known how important breath is to relaxation – it’s vital in practices like yoga and meditation – and the fact that singing teaches you to breathe deep means you can utilise this technique anytime those blues hit.   

Singing regularly will help you reap those well-being points – a necessity when starting a brand-new year. While January can be looked down upon as a time of doom and gloom, it could also be the start of something. At City Vocal Coach, we’re big supporters in the wonders of singing, and how music really can be food for the soul. 

Photo by Anjana Menon on Unsplash

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