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Meet Our Teachers: Daniela Finley

Posted on 23.07.18

At City Vocal Coach we provide expert singing and songwriting tuition. We’re also home to some of the best teachers in London. So, in order to best direct your musical future, we thought it important you get to know our teachers a little bit more – to help you make that all-important decision of who would be best for you.

Introducing Daniela Finley…

When did you decide you wanted a career in music?

I first decided I wanted a career in music when my friend taught me to play the guitar when I was 13. All the boys thought it was really cool, and I enjoyed making my friends laugh and smile writing songs about them and the people we knew. It was the crafting of the song, the telling of the story and the response from the listener than got me hooked. I also think my Dad largely influenced my love of performance as he was a jazz musician, I was often taking money for his band on the door at pubs and club gigs in my early teens! I always felt that his musicianship made people happy and brought a lot of interesting people into his life.

Do you get nervous and how do you deal with it?

I do get nervous when I am about to perform but over the years I have learned techniques to allow myself to enjoy all aspects of performance including before, during and after shows. I aim to inspire and encourage my students to reach a point where they too are able to manage their nerves and enjoy the many gifts that performing to others can bring.

What do you enjoy most about teaching? 

The aspect of teaching that I enjoy the most is the connection with people. People often think singing is something other than what it is. Singing in the car, in a group or in the shower is fun but once you make a decision to explore the intricacies of your voice with a professional coach, you will find that singing takes on an entirely new identity within the story of your life. It is this penny dropping moment that comes through connecting to the individual that motivates me and inspires me to help students realise their singing, performance and songwriting potential.