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The Benefits Of Busking

Posted on 15.02.19

Busking is a rite of passage for many musicians. It’s also a great source of revenue, an opportunity to practise your performing skills and an excellent way to break down any performance anxiety. If you’re new to, or simply interested in, this rather changeable but interesting world, we’re going to reveal some of the benefits of it. 

1.    Busking can work wonders for self-promotion

One of the things that makes social media so helpful with our musical careers is the ability to get yourself noticed by people who may otherwise not hear about you. You can reach new audiences and potential new fans. The same can be said for busking. Busking enables you to get your music to audiences who may otherwise never hear about you. You are seen and heard by many people during a set, so it’s easy to promote yourself and gain that valuable exposure as a blooming artist. 

2.    Build up that confidence

Music builds confidence, it really does, and especially so when busking. Busking allows you to perfect sets and work on any areas that need improving. You’ll also be faced with some pretty interesting scenarios while busking, situations that will require you to think on your feet, and if you can face them – well, you’re ready for anything. 

3.    The great outdoors

Busking happens everywhere. It can make a seemingly ordinary place burst with personality. After all, people love to watch a great performance. Busking can also get you to travel, you’ll end up heading to all sorts of different parts of a town or city. And, granted if the weather’s right, it can be a delight to perform in the great outdoors. You’ll be topping up your Vitamin D, making people smile and all the while doing what you love. Does it get better than that? 

4.    Get offered gigs

It’s much easier to be offered gigs when people have heard and seen how you perform. When busking, the gigs can come to you if certain individuals like how you play and manage the crowd. It really can be as simple as the better a performer you are the more offers you will get. 

Busking has so many benefits, but it’s also so much fun. And as we head into the warmer months, with longer and brighter days, there really isn’t a better time to start.

Photo by Tim Bechervaise on Unsplash