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Can Anyone Learn To Sing?

posted on 11.09.19

You may have heard the phrase ‘I can’t sing, I’m tone deaf’, you may have even previously said it about yourself ...

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City Vocal Coach’s Singing Course

posted on 14.06.19

We’re running something a bit special here at City Vocal Coach this summer, our first-ever singing course! ...

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How To Stay Motivated When You’re A Creative

posted on 03.05.19

It’s hard being a creative. It really is. But this shouldn’t deter you from the path of creativity, as while difficult it is often a rather rewarding route ...

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Our Top 5 Songwriting FAQs

posted on 08.04.19

To be able to write your own songs as an artist has become an increasingly important thing. As it should, not only does songwriting ...

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4 Bucket List Ideas For Musicians

posted on 20.02.19

A bucket list encourages us to live our best life, to participate in inspirational and challenging life goals ...

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The Benefits Of Busking

posted on 15.02.19

Busking is a rite of passage for many musicians. It’s also a great source of revenue, an opportunity to practise your performing skills ...

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