We appreciate that not everyone learns the same way – we are, after all, all different. Which is why we explore a wide range of singing and songwriting ideas with our students, identifying and working on the most effective for the student. We have found this to be the best way of teaching, a way which puts no limit on what is possible.

We understand that it can be daunting starting singing or songwriting lessons with a new teacher. However, we are all experienced coaches and will help to put you at ease immediately.

Our teachers will tailor the lessons to meet the students needs, ability and aspirations.
Below are the main areas we will be tackling...


  • / Breathing technique /
  • / Posture and support /
  • / Increasing power & use of dynamics /
  • / Freeing up the voice /
  • / Experimenting with vocal style /
  • / Extending vocal range /
  • / Developing tone /
  • / Conquering pitch and tone issues /
  • / Improving confidence /
  • / Eliminating any breaks /
  • / Smoothing out the transition between chest voice & head voice /
  • / Developing your mix voice /
  • / Vocal health /
  • / Exploring what your voice can do /
  • / Microphone technique /
  • / Learning a repertoire of songs /
All of our teachers are professional musicians and understand the music & performing arts industry very well. Whether it’s just for fun, for a choir or if you are planning on becoming a professional artist, we will help you become the singer and songwriter that you want to be.