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Student Spotlight - Yaa Oppong

posted on 12.06.21

Yaa Oppong has been a City Vocal Coach student for many years now, and we are so proud that she has decided to take the creative leap into releasing her own music. ...

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Top 10 Songwriting Tips To Take You From Imitator To Innovator

posted on 04.05.21

At City Vocal Coach, we have put together our top ten songwriting tips, which will help you move from imitator to innovator. ...

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Learn To Sing: 5 Steps To Finding The Right Singing Teacher For You

posted on 07.04.21

Finding the right singing teacher for you is tricky, especially as it will likely be a significant investment of time and money as you learn to sing, so of course, you want to get this right from the get-go. So, we have put together 5 steps to help you find the right teacher for you. ...

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Thin Walls, Lockdowns And Egg Boxes: How To Practise Singing At Home

posted on 19.01.21

For many years I have had an issue with singing at home. It’s difficult to practise singing as I live in a flat with neighbours around me; I don't want to disturb them any more than I want to be disturbed by them. ...

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CVC: Covid-Secure Measures

posted on 18.10.20

Watch the below video to find out what Covid-secure measures we have in place in our Hoxton studio. ...

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City Vocal Coach Is Opening In Kent: Introducing Our New Coach

posted on 10.09.20

We are incredibly excited to announce a new Kent-based branch of City Vocal Coach, which will be run from our brand-new studio in Whitstable. ...

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