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How To Stay Motivated When You’re A Creative

Posted on 03.05.19

It’s hard being a creative. It really is. But this shouldn’t deter you from the path of creativity, as while difficult it is often a rather rewarding route. If you find 'being creative' a hard thing to do, stick to, or even muster from time to time then we’re going to give you a few pointers.

1.    Do things that scare you

Get out of your comfort zone. No, leap out of it. Comfort zones are great, but they have their time and place, and when it’s time to be creative your comfort zone is not the best place to be. Do things which make you uncomfortable. After all, doing the same things day in and day out isn’t a good breeding ground for creativity. 

Let us explain, seeking out things you’ve perhaps always wanted to do gives you a sense of accomplishment; trying new things challenges new skills; working in other areas of creativity – doing anything creative, it doesn’t have to be your forte – broadens your horizons, and just getting out there gives you fuel for your creative fire. 

2.    Stop procrastinating 

We know, we know, easier said than done, right? There are a few steps, though, that you could take to help you overcome your procrastination ways. First off, forgive yourself, procrastination happens to the best of us. More so when there are bad or negative emotions, or feelings of anxiety, connected with the task you’re avoiding. 

To help overcome this try to see the task from a more positive side. You will feel amazing once it’s done, and you don’t have to tackle the whole thing at once – small steps to start, and then, well, you’ve started. Also, begin with the smallest, easiest way into the task and build on this. You’ll soon be well and truly in it and then – sooner than you expect - you’ll have completed it and feeling great. 

Granted, this does all sound easier said than done, but procrastination plays havoc with a creative, and if overcome (remember it’s ok to do it from time to time) you’ll find yourself more motivated the next time around. 

3.    Get a little help from your friends

You won’t believe the wonders friends, collaborators and like-minded inspired people can have in motivating you. Chances are when someone else is involved you’ll be less likely to procrastinate for fear of letting them down. Also, the support, encouragement and input from said friend/s can help with your brewing creativity; you’ll share experiences and ideas and together achieve your creative goals. 

4.    Relish in the rewards

This is twofold. First, relish in the reward that is a more motivated you by following and experimenting with the first three steps. Second, relish in a reward that you treat yourself with. It is important to recognise, and reward, those small steps to help you to stay motivated as a creative. You’ll look forward to these rewards and, in turn, be more motivated to work towards your next one. 

5.    Dare we say… plan? 

You heard us. Creativity, and indeed motivation, does need some planning. You need to learn and discover your creative routine – what time are you more creative? Less so? You’ll also need to factor in time for exercise – there’s no arguing the benefit exercise can have on our minds - and you will also need time to socialise. It all helps. Learning your routine will mean there’s time set aside specifically for creativity. And with a little willpower you’ll boost your creative motivation in no time. 

Being creative a lot of the time can be hard. We’ve all been there. If you’re currently experiencing some difficulty in your creative field, try out a few of our pointers and welcome a more motivated you. 

Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash