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Posted on 05.10.21

Sam Marlow is one of the UK’s top vocal coaches. Not only does Sam teach voice and songwriting at The Brit School for Performing Arts, but he has also previously taught at ELAM (East London Arts and Music Academy) and lectured at ICMP (The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance). What’s more, he has used his talent for teaching to build a very successful private tuition company, City Vocal Coach. Sam is a well-seasoned vocal coach, and his extensive teaching career and history as a signed artist means he has the knowledge and the understanding of what it means to be successful. During his career, Sam has taught a variety of talented artists and songwriters. What’s more, he regularly organises, as part of City Vocal Coach, songwriting evening courses and student showcases. Sam’s love of songwriting has meant that, throughout the years, he has developed his writing ability through regular collaborations, working on his own material and studying for a master’s degree. Sam now holds a master’s degree in Songwriting from The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. Sam has always been passionate about helping people reach their creative goals, believing that everybody has the potential to be what they want to be.