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Student Spotlight - Yaa Oppong

Posted on 12.06.21

Yaa Oppong has been a City Vocal Coach student for many years now, and we are so proud that she has decided to take the creative leap into releasing her music. We are so excited to hear her songs and thought that we would help spread the word. Yaa kindly offered to answer some questions for us and provide any advice she has to others thinking about starting a similar journey. 


We know that you have been working on a new project over lockdown, which we are very excited about; can you tell us more?

I’m working on an EP. This will be the first time putting my music out there so I’m super excited.


Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about starting their own project?

Go for it! It can be easy to think of things that are getting in your way but try to let go of these and do what you can with the resources you have. 


Can you tell us the story behind one of your songs?

The songs on my upcoming EP were written from the attic room I was living in a few years ago, the imagery in the songs is heavily influenced by this.


We heard you had started a production course with The Female DIY Musician; can you tell us more about this?

Yes, I’m keen to continue developing my production skills so I can do as much as possible by myself. The Home Recording Academy by The Female DIY Musician has helped me to gain confidence in this.


How did you feel after you wrote your first song?

I’ve written little songs and snippets since being small. I find writing songs brings me peace.


Which singers do you get inspiration from?

Sade, Nina Simone, Tracy Chapman, Etta James, Jazmine Sullivan and of course Beyoncé (to name a few).


What do you love about your voice?

I love that it allows me to express myself.


What aspects of your voice do you struggle with?

I’ve had to work on breathing control as well as confidence to let go and trust in my voice.


Some of our students have struggled with neighbours and housemates hearing them practise; how have you found practising your singing at home?

I’m lucky because my flatmates are super encouraging, we even had a few little jams during lockdown. Nonetheless, it's not ideal practising at home and I’ve found myself singing more quietly than I otherwise would.


We loved your performance at the last City Vocal Coach showcase; was this the first time you performed live, and how did you find the experience?

This was an amazing experience; I loved every second. I’m grateful for this opportunity, it really helped me to gain confidence in performing. I’m super excited for my next live performance.


Do you have plans to play this project live as venues open?

Yes, I hope to play this project live as soon as possible.