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Our Top 5 Songwriting FAQs

Posted on 08.04.19

To be able to write your own songs as an artist has become an increasingly important thing. As it should, not only does songwriting allow you to experiment with your creativity, singing your own songs also adds weight to you as an artist, not to mention it’s fun to do too. 

If you’re interested in taking songwriting lessons, it’s only natural to have a few questions. To help, we’re going to answer some of the most common questions we receive here at City Vocal Coach. But, if you have any more, please get in touch!

What will I learn?

This is an interesting question as its answer isn’t simple, there are many aspects to writing a song and what you learn depends on where you are with your songwriting. Songwriting lessons can cover a whole range of different topics; for instance, focusing on your creative process, how to structure a song, the importance of rhyme, the story of your song, its lyrics, melody, harmony, rhythm and more. 

Everybody’s creative process and writing style is unique to themselves. So, it is up to us as songwriting tutors to introduce you to a wide variety of techniques, and up to you as the student to experiment with all of them and then choose which techniques you plan to keep in your songwriting toolkits. 

Does it matter if I can’t play an instrument?

It doesn’t matter if you can’t play an instrument, learning how to write songs takes creativity, ingenuity and an understanding of how songs are written. If you can play, great, if you can’t, that’s also fine. At City Vocal Coach, we will be focusing on helping you become the best and most creative writer you can possibly be. 

That being said, knowing how to play an instrument can help you to create your own harmony. However, there are other routes you could go down and your teacher can help you with these. You may even end up being inspired to learn an instrument and, well, that just makes the world a better and louder place – which sounds great to us!

Do you teach absolute beginners who haven’t ever written a song?

Yes, of course, we all had to start somewhere! All you need to bring with you is an eagerness to learn and a mind open to creativity and we will help show you the best place to start your songwriting journey. 

Do you have instruments at the studio I can play?

Yes, we have guitars and a keyboard which you can play during your lessons. However, as aforementioned it is not a prerequisite to learning how to write a song. 

Am I able to record my songs?

Yes, we have a recording studio right next door! So, once you’ve written your song/s you can book in a slot at the studio to record your new creations. 

Can I co-write with you? 

We strongly recommend co-writing as a songwriter. Co-writes help keep you motivated and – most importantly – inspire you! Co-writes at City Vocal Coach are welcome, as active songwriters ourselves we understand how important collaborations can be. 

Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash